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Calendar 2015
If shoot is underlined click on it to see flyer


                                               Month                   Date                        Day                         Name                                       Description                                              Targets

                                               January                  18                           Sun         Clara 3-D Challenge                                   3-D Unmarked                                               30   two arrows

                                               February                21                           Sat           Lucky 7 Combo Shoot                               Novelty & 3-D                 7 Hunter, 7Animal, 7 Field, 7 3-D

                                               March                    8                            Sun         Shivering Indian                                         3-D Unmarked                                                42  

                                               March                    29                          Sun        Mojave Traditional Shoot                             3-D Unmarked                                                25    two arrows

                                               April                      18                           Sat           Half Ass                                                   Novelty                                                          30   two arrows

                                               May                       3                            Sun        Snake Shoot Invitational                              3-D Marked  & Paper                                      42   0ne arrows

                                               June                       07                           Sun         Pirate Shoot                                               Novelty                                                          30   two arrows

                                               July                        12                          Sun         No-See-Um                                               3-D Unmarked                                                30    two arrows

                                               August                    8                            Sat           State Capitol                                             Novelty                                                          28    two arrows

                                               Sept                        13                          Sun          Harvest                                                     3-D Marked                                                   28    two arrows

                                               October                  10                          Sat           Halloween Boo's Eye                                Novelty                                                          28     two arrows

                                               November              15                           Sun         Fall Back                                                   3-D Unmarked                                               42     one arrow

                                               December              12                           Sat          Christmas Charity                                       Novelty                                                          28  two arrows

                                                        Contact  Don Ison  760 217-1057      or Kevin Hensley 760 277-2665                                                 All Shoots Start 9:00 A.M.