*2020 Shoot Schedule

This shoot schedule is not currently up to date for 2021 due to the relocation of our range.
Please be patient with us as we continue with our move and we get things in order. Last year's
shoot schedule will be temporarily left up as a date reference on what to expect for the 2021 year.
Thank you

Month Date Day Name Description Targets Arrows
January 12th Sunday Clara 3-D Challenge 3-D Unmarked 30 2
February 15th Saturday 21 or Bust Novelty Marked 28 up to 3
March 8th Sunday Mojave Traditional Shoot 3-D Unmarked 25 2
April 5th Sunday Shivering Indian Canceled 3-D Unmarked 42 1
May 2nd-3rd Sat-Sun Mountain High North at Table Mountain Canceled 3-D Marked 50 2
June 7th Sunday Pirate Shoot Canceled Novelty Marked 30 2
July 12th Saturday Snake Shoot Canceled Paper & 3-D Marked 30 2
August 8th Saturday State Capitol Canceled Novelty Marked 28 2
September 13th Sunday Harvest Canceled 3-D Marked 28 2
October 3rd Saturday Halloween Boo's Eye Canceled Novelty Marked 28 2
November 8th Sunday Half & Half Canceled 1/2 3-D Marked 1/2 Unmarked 28 2
December 5th Sautrday Charity Shoot Canceled Novelty 28 2