Range Rules and Safety

Members are responsible for making sure that they and all guests, family and friends are familiar with the rules presented and any other rules that may be added by board members. These rules are for the safety and enjoyable experience for each member and guest. The board members have authorization to revoke any membership or expel any guest of those who are guilty of gross violation of these rules.

- Arrows shot at targets only
- No shooting/hunting/harassing wildlife, even during hunting season.
- Arrow speed limited to 300 FPS
- Only retrieve arrows from targets when it is safe to do so
- No firearms, crossbows, throwing knives, air guns, or paintball guns allowed on the range.
- Children must be supervised at all times. Members 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult when using the range.
- No overhead drawing
- No cross lane shooting
- Must bring your own target for use of Broadheads.
- No alcohol consumption allowed while shooting on the range.
- No smoking allowed on the range.
- Gate is to be closed and locked at all times except during shooting events.
- Never walk the range with a nocked arrow
- If you are at a target or behind one, please make sure to make others aware of your presense by laying your bow on the target.
- No vandalizing the range in any way.

Mojave Archers is located in a desert setting, natural hazards do exist. All persons utilizing our range are to remain cautious, aware and take personal responsiblity of these hazards.

Please make sure to be aware of any possibility of wildlife in the area, not all are hazardous but some have been found to pose a threat to personal safety.

Make sure to keep hydrated and wear sun protection at all times. During the summer months, the range can reach high temperatures.

- If you have any questions about these rules or are curious of anything we may not have mentioned, please contact one of our board members.

- Thank you